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# 23/05/2012 à 10:59 fake oakleys (site web)
Smoke signals first of all put their bodies wrapped into an Orb, fake oakleys invulnerability, fake oakleys also wrapped in one. Growing and becoming law ball, the first self-protection up. The face of the stone units such opponents, there is no chance of defeating, only strove with the strength of the jewels, full protection, waiting for the fake oakleys refining Yaoqi, wake up. The jaws of death, the Shura vigorously breaketh, above the blood of a long stream, seize "Qisha Gourd" time, the blood has been contaminated to the spirituality of the gourd, immediately close indivisible flesh induction and gourd. fake oakleys, seize the time of the gourd, has been cast out the supernatural powers, to erase the spirit of the inside of the blood, who should drop of blood is who.
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