Different Louis Vuitton handbags processing technology

# 14/06/2012 à 08:53 Different Louis Vuitton handbags processing technology (site web)
Louis Vuitton Outlet handbags technology mainly includes: selecting, opens the material technology; Shovel skin thickness and width, slope technology and data; Sewing needles shape, needle, needle spacing, margins, line of the number of color, line, line quality and Ming sewing, dark sewing, half bright seam technology and data; The selection of the auxiliary materials, processing technology and data; Assembly process, ruffled, overlock, oil edge, glue, joint technology and data; Branding, printing, car decorative thread, computer embroidery, punch, wear rope, wear bead, nail flower adornment such as the technology and the data and so on each kind of conventional technology and special process.
Louis Vuitton handbags process used to form foil or strengthen the effect of various edge handbag beginning bone, shaw core, spring or steel wire of the inner core leather bone, man-made material side and wrapping material bone glue bone. In the female bag when processing using lock-stitch sewing machine (i.e. lockstitcher) for cutting one layer or layers overlap parts of links a kind of technology, is the most used in leather sewing process, suitable for leather products within the relative plane of all parts of links or sewing process such as decorative thread. Dark seams and buried bag, is two parts, face to face in the edge of the stick together after sewing out, let a person see the seams of the parts, but we can't see the line mark of a kind of traditional craft. A hand-made and the early industrial later level-seaming machine or sewing various methods of car tall, suitable for internal and external components links and software of handbags manufacture. Outside sewing, it is to show two connected components of joint can see the layer relative sewing thread and the bottom line to meet a traditional craft. Louis Vuitton handbags processing also have hand sewing and argued the method of car sewing, suitable for software and finalize the design contents of handbags and HengTou spatial structure finally sewing process.
Female bag processing is one of the components of seam above the edge bones, again with a related parts attached together on the edge of the ornamental seam in the traditional process, the suitable for software handbag or finalize the design in the structural design of the handbag's production. To the edge of the components is flat or three-dimensional structure on the outline of the outline of a certain width pimp bag a decorative sewing and traditional process, for Louis Vuitton handbags processing have scattered mouth bag, single edge folding bag edge, double-sided ruffled bag edge, and many FanBao edge and nylon bag in the ribbon, plane parts of package side seam with flat car sewing, three-dimensional structure bag side by gao tou2 car sewing, suitable for all leather products design production. Also called mouth edge scattered oil, leather products parts of the edge or joint three-dimensional contour grinding, roll a leather side of the traditional process oil ornamental. The edge of the oil method can be divided into different processing technology, different Louis Vuitton handbags processing technology of thick oil method and only make the thin edge color improve oil of the two. Thick oil method is suitable for the high-grade leather products processing tinggua for edge smooth full; Thin oil method to all the hard and soft leather general, but it is the edge of the fiber and the rough joint gap, more for Louis Vuitton Canada handbags leisure processing. You can read more from http://www.louis-vuitton-canadas.com
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